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Since the game of bingo has become so popular today most bingo companies are coming up with more new ways of attracting new players. One of the best ways of attracting new players is organizing a bingo tournament. Most people who play this game have enjoy the thrill they get after winning the various prizes and that is why bingo tournaments attract a lot of players.

Bingo tournaments can be organized anywhere and this includes in churches, bingo rooms as well as on an online room. Bingo players sometimes get tired of playing the same games day in day out and this is why holding tournaments attracts many players given that they get to experience a new bingo and the prizes are also usually very high. Due to the fact that these tournaments are not held every now and then it is only few players who actually know how to play them and this means that new players have to know the rules and regulation of this game.

Bingo Tournament Basics

In this game the rules are not very different from the normal bingo as players will be using the same cards and the game play is also quite similar. Te only difference of this game to the normal bingo is that it is played as a series of several games and not just one game. The player who wins this tournament is the one that has collected most points each time they win. It is important to keep in mind that in case there is more than one winner in each game the points will be split.

Online Bingo Tournaments and Land Based Bingo Tournaments

It is also important to differentiate between online bingo tournaments and land based bingo tournaments. Most online bingo companies have a tournament daily and players will be required to deposit some money before hand so that the prize for the winner can be determined. However, there a few online bingo tournaments which are free to enter and which sometimes offer some prize money.

The land based bingo tournaments on the other hand rarely have free to enter tournaments and the most logical reason for this is that money and work is put in to organize such tournaments. The best thing about land based bingo tournaments is that there is always plenty of cash prizes that players can win. The atmosphere of land based bingo tournaments is also better than that of online bingo tournaments.


The prize in different bingo tournament varies and this will include the typical cash prizes, free trips, cruise vacations among other prizes.


Before you play any of these bingo tournaments it is mandatory you qualify first. In land based bingo tournaments it is usually a membership or entry fee while for online bingo tournaments players will have to sign up.

You however must read and understand the rules and regulations of each tournament before paying any fee to avoid any misunderstandings later.

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