Bingo Superstitions

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Every game that is being played today has some superstitions and in most cases luck or chance is involved. Playing bingo also comes with a few superstitions and you are bound to come across some people while in the bingo halls who believe that charms and trinkets can help them beat the other players. This element of superstitions further increases the excitement of the game. It is however important to go through all the different superstitions associated with bingo to get to know what the facts are regarding those beliefs.

Examples of Bingo Superstitions

• One of the most superstitious people in bingo is the group of people who carry around charms and trinkets. These people believe that in having a little troll on their seats or wearing specific types of socks will magically help them in beating their opponents. There are other people who use old rabbit’s foot and they believe that the only lucky rabbit’s foot is the one that is from a rabbit that has been shot in a cemetery on Friday the 13th. They also believe the rabbit’s foot must be the left hind leg. Here it is important to use common sense when evaluating the facts around this belief and the answer to if this belief is true will definitely be no. It is however not good to tell the players who believe in this specific superstition that it does not work.

• Card patterns are also very popular superstitions in bingo. There are players who believe that if they get a certain pattern on their cards they will have a high chance of winning that game. It is important to note here that there has not been any proof that can back this belief up but due to this myth many players have started believing in it. There is no specific pattern that these players believe in and it depends on different players.

• The belief that having a positive mental outlook will increase your chances of winning in bingo is another superstition. However, this belief is more logical compared to the other superstitious beliefs associated with playing bingo. This positive energy that is as a result of thinking positively has been attributed to many players winning bingo games. This belief is widely believed by many players because it has worked in many other platforms apart from playing bingo games. Some players however still find it hard believing that thinking positively only can increase players luck in winning a bingo game and that is why it is important to keep your comments to yourself when you go to the bingo halls.

It is however important to ignore all these superstitions and concentrate on the various tips and tricks that will enable you to improve your game and thereby increase your chances of winning.

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