Bingo History Intro

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The Bingo History begins its track in the middle of XVIth century and originates from the gambling game called Lotto d’Italia. Since those days the entertainment was managed by the state and caused great profits to the treasury. Todays version of the Bingo casino games is much alike to the gambling entertainment the way it was ago in 1530. The interesting fact on this gambling game is that it was never viewed as the gambling entertainment of sin like any kind of roulette game - land, online roulette or roulette download variation. This is so maybe because of the fact that during a long time it generated great amounts of money for charity purposes and it is a common practice.

The game according to the Bingo History went around all over the world when it became very popular in Italy. In France the gambling entertainment of Bingo won the souls, hearts of the French elite and nonetheless the game differs from the variation we play now, it still has much alike specially in logic. Instead balls chips were numbered and the cards were created without the use of a single technology. The patterns in the French lotto were simply the horizontal rows.

Back then in 1929 the entertainment arrived from Deutschland to America. It was in those days known as the “Beano” cause the covers for the fell out numbers were pinto beans. Back then the winning Bingo patterns of vertical or diagonal lines were developed taking us to the gambling game as we all have it today. In Georgia American entrepreneur Edwin Lowe played this game with his fellows and was the author of its amazing success around the planet. During one of his plays according to the Bingo History one of the ladies won and instead of yelling out “Beano” as it was the name of the entertainment, the lady screamed out “Bingo” and Lowe applied this newly made word to name the gambling game in the USA. Because the game won more and more renowness, the Lowe received a complicated task of producing the random cards and invited Carl Leffler, a professor of maths, to design 6,000 game cards. Unfortunately, the task turned out to be too hard and drove him mad and this is the saddest fact in the Bingo History.

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